TBProAudio AMM2 v2.0.14 VST VST3 AU AAX

By | April 6, 2022

TBProAudio AMM v2.0.14 VST VST3 AU AAX

TBProAudio AMM2 v2.0.14 VST VST3 AU AAX [WIN & macOS]

AMM is a 64to2 channel automatic microphone mixer. It offers several advanced mix modes and extensive controls for each channel.

AMM can be used to mix quickly a discussion round, a dialog with several speakers or even an audio conference with up to 32 microphones to a stereo signal.
AMM supports multiple channel configurations, from mono up to 32 stereo channels, depending on the DAW capabilities.

AMM mixes automatically 32 stereo channels into one stereo out channel, depending on the mixing modes and channel strength. AMM controls the envelope of the channel strength with the parameter Attack, Hold and Release.

Moderator Mode:

A single channel can be defined as moderator channel. This channel has priority over the other channels. As soon as the moderator channel is active, the other channels are dimmed by the value of the moderator attenuation. This function is available in all mixing modes.


  • 32 internal stereo channels
  • internal mixing or external mixing with sender/receiver mode
  • multi channel mode, 64to64 channel mixer (VST2 only)
  • speech pre filter
  • switchable pre-delay
  • envelope controlled channel strength
  • noise gate
  • mix modes: normal, auto, auto balanced, prio
  • moderator mode
  • extensive channel controls like mono, trim, bypass, weight, mute, solo and pan
  • input/output metering
  • write channel strength as automation data to DAW
  • click-free 64-bit internal processing
  • large and easy to use GUI
  • free GUI scaling
  • product needs to be activated with license key
  • free update for existing AMM customers

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