The Deniz Koyu Master Series: Audio Engineering TUTORIAL

By | September 30, 2021

The Deniz Koyu Master Series: Audio Engineering TUTORIAL

The Deniz Koyu Master Series: Audio Engineering TUTORIAL

For the very first time, Deniz Koyu reveals all in this signature mixing master series. Over 5 hrs 30 min of footage spanning over 16 chapters.

Sharpen Your Mixing Skills

In this exclusive master series from Deniz Koyu, the industry proclaimed audio genius, you will learn step by step the studio techniques and secrets he’s built over his entire career spanning more than 20 years.

Principles of Audio Explained

In this masterclass Deniz will take you chapter by chapter to explain you every step that is needed to get a professional mixdown.

  • Intro
    Meet Deniz Koyu, set your intention for this master series, and get ready to develop the skills you need to bring a truly professional sound to your productions.
  • Audio First
    Deniz shares tangible tips on how to get your audio sounding correct at the source before moving on to heavier processing — a commonly overlooked process you’ll thank yourself for committing to at the beginning of your engineering workflow.
  • Summing
    Uncover Deniz’s own take on what the mixing process involves. Witness a signature resampling trick he uses to make visually informed decisions at every step of this master series. Wrap up the chapter knowing how to blend elements like bass and synths together seamlessly.
  • Levelling
    Say goodbye to second guessing yourself when it comes to levelling your channels. Deniz demonstrates how to use a frequency spectrum analyzer to guide your levelling decisions and shares guidelines on volume settings for common elements. Get ready to turn leveling into a science.
  • Phase
    Perhaps the most valuable yet commonly misunderstood concept in audio. Deniz covers the most common questions about phasing and his tried and true lessons for optimizing the kick/bass phase relationship. Learn the advanced technique of optimizing phase on individual bass notes.
  • EQ Fundamentals
    This chapter is great for beginners and an equally important refresher for producers of all levels. Deniz covers EQ essentials using the Fab Filter Pro-Q 3.
  • Intentions
    Mid-Side EQ
    Through a comprehensive example, you’ll learn what mid-side EQ is and the situations you will run into that call for it’s application.
  • Dynamic EQ
    In this must-watch chapter, you’ll get an advanced lesson on dynamic EQ. Follow Deniz step by step as he goes through a technique for isolating unwanted frequencies on a vocal and dialling the threshold of each band to reduce peaks, all while maintaining vocal clarity.
  • Linear Phase EQ
    In this advanced chapter, you’ll learn how to use linear phase EQing to make adjustments to your kick/bass relationship towards the end of your mix without throwing off any of your phasing work. Get a solid understanding of parameters like impulse length and latency and discover the most common mixing issues linear phase EQing can help you fix in your mix.
  • Compression
    This is one chapter you won’t want to skip even if you know the ins and outs of compression like the back of your hand. Deniz explains the elements of a compressor in a way that’s easy to remember for life. Learn the pros and cons of using smooth vs aggressive compressors and see how Deniz uses a combination of popular compressors to bring the best out of one vocal.
  • Multiband Compression
    In this advanced tutorial, you’ll get into the nitty gritty of multiband compression. Using Fab Filter Pro-MB, Deniz demonstrates how he applies different compression settings to each band in a vocal, manipulating sounds to much further degrees to control aspects like reverb baked into an audio recording itself.
  • Distortion and Saturation
    Get ready to spice up your sounds and add excitement in all the right spots of your tracks by using Deniz’s favourite distortion and saturation tools.
  • Reverb
    Your one stop for all things reverb. In this chapter you’ll learn everything you need to know to give your sounds the perfect depth in your mix. Deniz covers the different types of reverb and uses a vocal to explain how to use this treatment as a mixing tool without overdoing it on wetness in a way that muddies up your mix.
  • Delay
    Learn how to get the most out of delay effects both as mixing tools that add depth and width as well as stylistically to add rhythm. Deniz shows you how to use delay to treat your plucks and applies two different delays to a vocal, adding magic to the whole track.
  • Stereo Imaging
    In this in-depth lesson, Deniz shares his favourite techniques and examples for shaping and manipulating the stereo field for a professionally balanced track.
  • Group Processing
    Learn how to organize your project in a way that brings the very best out of your sounds. Deniz describes how he typically groups his channels then uses techniques covered in the course so far to glue sounds together in a way that works beautifully for each type of sound.
  • Complete Mixing Demonstration
    Watch how it’s done by the master from start to very finish. In this complete mixing tutorial, you’ll spend almost an hour and a half watching Deniz apply all the techniques covered in the master series to mix down the track to that professional and label-ready level.
  • Summary and Closing Words
    Wrap up your learnings with Deniz and get pumped to start applying the valuable audio engineering techniques you’ve learned in your next sessions for a truly polished sound.


  • Ableton Live 10 Project File
  • Ableton Live 10 Project File (partially frozen version)
  • Ableton Live 11 Project File
  • Stems from tutorial

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