The Essence of the Music Business: Strategy PDF

By | May 12, 2022

The Essence of the Music Business: Strategy PDF

The Essence of the Music Business: Strategy PDF

The fully revised Second Edition is here. New examples have been added to better reflect the present time. Also, as a main focus, strategic thinking, the ability to create long-term plans and how to prepare for this in everyday activities are also present in this book.

Understanding the importance of strategy is the basis for rational advancement. In the music business – strategies are not always perceptible. They are multi-layered, long-lasting, but also instantaneously effective. The ultimate goal often transpires along the way.

In order to understand tactics, one has to read between the lines. The reason why different pre-conditions and industrial expectations must always be taken into account is due to conflicts between artistic and economic goals. An artist’s progress often depends on their interest groups’ comfort to these aspects and is about maintaining the balance between business objectives and the artist’s story.

This book deals with factors affecting strategy and how it relates to the artist and their management. Although viable passive income generation in the streaming era is what is most sought after, no other aspect, including social media capital, should be ignored, as it is often even more important. All this has an impact on how an artist succeeds in other music business areas. This book illustrates the current state of things in light of new opportunities.

‘Strategy’ is the final chapter of The Essence of the Music Business Trilogy from Mika Karhumaa.

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