The Sound Of Bushbaby TUTORIAL

By | February 17, 2022

The Sound Of Bushbaby TUTORIAL

The Sound Of Bushbaby TUTORIAL

With releases on Maraki Records, Night Bass, CruCast, Southpoint and his own imprint Chord & Clank, Bushbaby is a producer whose high-quality sound design techniques have made him one of the scene’s standout up-and-coming talents, and a great addition to our The Sound Of… series.

Working through his track Hypnodancing Underground, Bushbaby walks you through every step of his production process and breaks down the techniques he uses to create his inimitable bass-driven house sound.

Across eight chapters, you’ll learn a range of transferable skills that will help you write club music that stands out in a big way; topics covered include:

  •  How Bushbaby crafts his unique sound and produced ‘Hypnodancing Underground’
  •  How to create energy throughout your track by controlling and modulating stereo width and frequency
  •  How to create basslines using FM synthesis
  •  How to place different sounds together using Send & Return effects


  •  Approaching Drums
  •  Working With A Tops Group
  •  Bushbaby Basslines
  •  Music & Melodic Groups
  •  Unique Vocals & Vox Effects
  •  Effects & Transitions
  •  Send & Return Channels
  •  Bushbaby on Mastering

DAW: Ableton


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