The SWACQ Pack V.1

By | June 29, 2020

The SWACQ Pack V.1

The SWACQ Pack V.1


Producers, this is the pack you’ve all been waiting for.


From trap influenced electro and bass house to euphonic festival anthems, this man does it all – and does it all with remarkable skill. There has been a big spotlight shining on SWACQ over the past year, and there is no longer any doubt that he sits comfortably among the top sound designers and producers in the world, standing out as a shining star in the vast sea of dance music greats. Proving himself time and time again with releases appearing on Musical Freedom, STMPD, Spinnin, Dim Mak, Ultra, Protocol, Atlantic, and more, there has never been a more optimal time for a SWACQ producer pack.

These past few years have been a rollercoaster for SWACQ after catching the ear of Tiësto who has taken SWACQ under his wing, collaborating on multiple songs and remixes together.

In the SWACQ PACK we are releasing an extensive selection of extremely rare and sought after sounds, proven to turn your song into a banger, drag and drop, as displayed by SWACQ’s string of signature remixes for the likes of Steve Aoki, Martin Garrix, The Black Eyed Peas, and Gucci Mane, as well as collaborations with Will.I.Am, Timmy Trumpet, Justin Mylo, Don Diablo, and Tiesto.

SWACQ is dominating the ranks of the top producers in the industry, and now is your chance to get inside his mind and inside his computer, by downloading THE SWACQ PACK;

A collection of his most infamous sounds.

You will be blown away with this download. To give you an idea of what’s possible with these sounds, the demo track in the trailer is entirely comprised from this producer pack.

SAMPLE PACK: There’s a lot of producers stuck playing catch up to trends in dance music… SWACQ is not one of them. SWACQ is firmly set on designing his own unique sounds, and it’s working for him. At the age of 28, he’s already become one of the hottest producers in the world, having worked with everyone from Steve Aoki, to the Backstreet Boys.

These are his samples, direct from SWACQ’s tracks.

The SWACQ PACK is BIG, a full library of 300+ samples in every category you could ask for:

Synth loops, bass loops, bass shots, synth shots, kicks, hard kicks, SIGNATURE kicks from SWACQ’s biggest tracks, crashes, percussion, snares, claps, hats, 808’s, live claps loops, perc loops, hat & cymbal loops, full drum loops, clap loops, cinematic drum loops, shaker & tambourine loops, marching band loops, carnival drum loops, breakbeat loops, string loops & shots, tumbi loops & shots, zurna’s, organs, brasses, guitars, risers, atmospheres, crowds, impacts, alarms, drum builds, shouts, fills and a miscellaneous folder.

Plus some bonus ‘stupid recordings’ that SWACQ couldn’t resist tossing in, everything from ‘manager snoring’ to ‘my s****y chair’


Sylenth: SWACQ SYLENTH ESSENTIALS. Each lead, pluck, chord synth, and bass has been hand picked by SWACQ from his most successful releases, including Horny Horns, No Strings Attached, Switch Back… and of course PARTY TIME. This is truly a once in a lifetime offering to get the actual sounds that built the career of this dance music heavy hitter.

Massive: You didn’t think we’d leave it at just ONE synth did you? In this collection of Massive presets SWACQ hands over a goldmine of bass sounds from his biggest collabs. Also included is two bass presets and the appetizing pluck from ‘Switch Back.’

BONUS Spire Preset: Originally planning to omit spire, SWACQ couldn’t help but hook us up with one of his go-to presets used all over his tracks. This is a toothy bass patch, not to be passed up by any Spire user, which perfectly fills the needed frequency spectrum on bass oriented dance drops.

BONUS LOGIC CHANNEL STRIPS: Use the exact racks and settings handmade by SWACQ to achieve the coveted SWACQ fatness and texture.

“The process of using the kinda distortion that i use, the kinda reverb, thats what makes my sound me.” – SWACQ


808 Bass: Massive, Fab Filter Saturn, Logic effects (Space Designer, EQ)

Distorted Bass: Spire, Logic effects (Overdrive, EQ, SubBass, Space Designer)

Mid Bass: Massive, Logic effects (distortion, clip distortion, phase distortion, EQ, space designer)

Trash Bass: Cyclop, Waves L2, Logic effects (bitcrusher, simple delay, overdrive, space designer, EQ, tremolo)


EDM Lead: Massive, Logic overdrive

Elephant Lead: Spire, Valhalla Room, Logic effects (EQ, space designer)

Fake Guitar Lead 1: Massive, CamePhat, Logic effects (overdrive, EQ, space designer)

Fake Guitar Lead 2: Sylenth, Logic effects (EQ, stereo delay, LoPass, HiPass, overdrive,space designer)

Grit Lead: Sylenth, Izotope Trash, Logic effects (EQ, space designer)


Chorus Verb: Logic effects (chorus, space designer, EQ)

Guerilla Verb: ShaperBox, Logic effects (EQ, space designer)

Hall 2: Valhalla Room, Izotope Ozone 7, Logic effects (Compressor, space designer, EQ)

Hall: Logic effects (space designer, EQ)

Lex Plate: Lexicon Plate, LFO Tool, Logic effects (overdrive, EQ, space designer)

NSFW BONUS: Did SWACQ really just become the first producer ever to include nudes in a producer pack… or is he trolling?

“SWACQ doesn’t let any genre untouched, from trap to electro, and bass house to festival anthems. He can make it all!” – Tiesto

“The world needs SWACQ right now” – Timmy Trumpet

“SWACQ you absolutely killed it on that remix, that remix drop is amazing, unique, thank you so much man that was incredible.” – Steve Aoki, speaking on the Inside Out remix.

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