Tony Artimisi Retro Drum Breaks Vol.1 WAV

By | March 7, 2022

Tony Artimisi Retro Drum Breaks1 Vol.1 WAV

Tony Artimisi Retro Drum Breaks1 Vol.1 WAV

It’s time for a drum break! This collection of grooves is perfect for turning the groove up a notch. These were recorded on a Mapex White Widow drum set with a ’70’s era Singlerand Hollywood Ace snare drum and processed using a variety of guitar amp modelers and vintage & modern effects processors.

48 Sounds

Dr. Tony Artimisi is an Associate Professor of Music at Winston-Salem State University. He is active nationally as a drummer/percussionist and recording engineer. Some of his notable accomplishments include contributions to Boss of My Body for “Ruby’s World” which was nominated for an Emmy, authoring “Rhythm Makers: The Drumming Legends of Nashville in Their Own Words,” a method book and series of duets entitled “The Cajón Companion,” and numerous other musical works and journal articles. He endorses Mapex Drums/Majestic Percussion, Paiste, Vic Firth, Grover Pro Percussion, and The Box Kit.


Demo Preview:

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