Trailer Music For Beginners [TUTORIAL]

By | January 21, 2023

 Trailer Music For Beginners [TUTORIAL]

Trailer Music For Beginners [TUTORIAL]

Start Writing Epic Music For The Big Screen

What you’ll learn:

  • How to structure a trailer music track
  • How to quickly sketch out a complete trailer music track
  • How to write music faster
  • How to finish all your trailer tracks
  • How to make sure you enjoy the process


  • a DAW
  • Sample libraries
  • Basic music production knowledge
  • Basic music composition knowledge

This course is for anyone who wants to start writing trailer music.—————You’ll learn everything you need to know to start writing trailer music including how to properly structure your track, how to sketch, orchestrate, and mix your track.You’ll also learn:How to find the trailer music niche that suits youHow to write music fasterHow to finish all your tracksAnd finally, we’ll talk about how to enjoy making music (again)All you need is a computer with a DAW installed (Logic Pro, Cubase, Digital Performer, Ableton etc) with Kontakt installed (you don’t actually need this but it will help you to follow along) . I show you where to get all the sounds I use in the course. You do need some knowledge of music production and music composition.Who Am I?My name is Richard Pryn – I am a multi-award winning composer, podcaster, educator working from my home in the UK. I started writing music on the side in 2007 whilst I taught music in schools to pay the bills. I would pitch my music for free to anyone who would accept demos. Since then I have won a handful of awards and had my music placed on over 100 movie trailers, adverts and TV shows. My music now generates 10X more revenue than when I was a teacher.My Trailer Music SchoolI have also created an online school called The Trailer Music School that specialises in teaching you how to write amazing music for movie trailers. In the school I share absolutely everything I have learned from producing music for movie trailers and show you that there are no secrets, just drive and perseverance. If you are curious go check it out.————–For more about Trailer music, check out my podcast: The Trailer Music Composer’s Podcast

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for anyone who wants to start writing trailer music

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