Trailer Sound Design From Source To Cinema Course

By | September 4, 2020

Trailer Sound Design From Source To Cinema Course

Trailer Sound Design From Source To Cinema Course

Everything you need to start recording, processing and licensing custom Hollywood Trailer sound effects from your bedroom.

From Source To Cinema is the ultimate beginning sound designer’s guide to recording, processing and licensing sound design for Hollywood trailers.

You’ll be taken through all the basics of crafting and recording powerful source sounds, how to process them into earth-shattering sounds using plugins and tools, before you learn how to get started licensing and selling your sounds to the industry.

We’ll guide you all the way as you venture into the realm of trailer sound design. You will be amazed at the sounds you will create – all from scratch. Craft custom sound design like a pro.

Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • How To Find & Record Your Own Organic Source Sounds
  • My Very Best Plug-In Recommendations And Workflows
  • How To Manipulate, Process and Twist Your Sounds To Oblivion
  • How I Created The AVA: Instinct Sound Design Library
  • Synthesizing Your Own Trailer SFX With Serum
  • In-Depth Guide To Mixing And Mastering Sound Design
  • Licensing Your Sounds To Trailer Houses
  • Selling Your Own Commercial Sound Design Libraries

What You Get In The Course

  • 6 Hours+ of Video Lectures
  • Exclusive Sample pack
  • Trailer Track Stems


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