Udemy Play Music by Ear TUTORIAL

By | April 26, 2022

Udemy Play Music by Ear TUTORIAL

Udemy Play Music by Ear TUTORIAL

Musicians who play music by ear are huge hits at parties and on social media, but they also have a huge advantage when it comes to composing music or accompanying themselves while they sing.

They can identify the tonal center of a song just by listening, figure out the specific intervals of the melody, find the correct chords that accompany the melody, see how the bass line interacts with melody and harmony, play it with the appropriate rhythm and meter, and do it all in a short moment.

It’s even more impressive when you line it up like that.

Most people believe that these incredibly gifted musicians were just born with this ability. Prodigies, perhaps, but most musicians with the ability to play music by ear studied each of these concepts on their own before putting them together into practice. When starting at a young age, it can take years for these concepts to take hold in their minds and practice, especially as they don’t see the end goal.

When you, a mentally independent human being, seek to develop your ear-playing skills, it won’t take as long, especially if you have a guide (like this course!) to teach you each independent skill and to continually point that toward the final goal of playing an entire song by ear.

What you’ll learn

  • Identify & play melodies by ear
  • Identify & play chords by ear
  • Learn to play rhythm and meter by ear
  • Learn entire songs by ear

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