UNDRGRND Sounds Junglist Rave Techno MULTIFORMAT

By | June 10, 2022

UNDRGRND Sounds Junglist Rave Techno MULTIFORMAT

UNDRGRND Sounds Junglist Rave Techno AIFF

A genre-mashing, speaker-freaking, crowd-slaying collection of loops and samples oozing with underground rave nostalgia. Inspired by artists such as Shed/Head High, Special Request and KiNK, this diverse collection is a trip through 90s rave culture that pulls in seminal electronic movements including acid house, rave, jungle, D&B, house and techno.

Drum Loops > Spanning deep, broken dub techno grooves, floor-pounding techno workouts and furious re-sequenced breakbeats – supercharge your tracks with these killer drum tools presented in a range of tempos between 127 and 150bpm. All beats come with a full mix plus all the usual stems for maximum creative control.

Bass Loops > The filthiest of low-end inspiration: dark hoovers, monstrous mono-runs, heavyweight analogue riffs, FM face-melters and more. All loops are key-labeled and presented at either 127, 130 or 132bpm. Offered with MIDI versions for added flexibility.

Synth Loops > Authentic 90s inspiration from across the electronic spectrum: classic rave chords, dubby techno progressions, monolith hoover leads, euphoric piano riffs, trippy percussive synths and more. Key-labeled as standard and served at either 127 or 130bpm. MIDI versions also supplied.

TB-303 Loops > Essential selection of acid-jacked loops direct from the seminal Roland TB-303. Dirty, distorted, jacked and jumping: 25 lethal loops key-labeled and offered with MIDI versions. Served at 127 or 132bpm.

Pad Loops > Thick, lush analogue pads dripping with 90s rave nostalgia. From the come up to the come down, these sounds will sooth the soul. Key-labeled and offered with MIDI throughout.

Percussion Loops > Gritty, grooving, raw and relentless: a slew of energetic percussion tools bursting with raw, lo-fi aesthetic. Hats, percussion, shakers, filtered grooves and more waiting to be utilised. Presented at either 127, 130, 132, 135, 140 or 150bpm.

Drum Hits > Stunning selection of highly-processed drum hits that fuse vintage drum machines, live recordings and digital synthesis with expert transient shaping. Folders include kicks, claps, hats, percussion and 3 custom-mapped drum kits to load into Ableton Drum Rack, Battery 4, EXS24 or Kong.

Backspins > Vinyl and tape spins, stops and starts – pure throwback to the 90s warehouse scene!

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