US Retro Synths For Ableton

By | September 22, 2019

US Retro Synths For Ableton

US Retro Synths For Ableton
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Retro Synths for Ableton is a collection of 20 powerful multi-sample rack instruments created from classic synths from across the decades.

Created with a mix of classic (Roland SH-101), contemporary (Korg Volca Keys) and forgotten (Casio Tone MT-65) synths, this diverse collection puts authentic retro sounds direct into your Ableton library.

Whether you’re looking for dubby Detroit chords, acid lines, bright 80s leads or deep mono bass, Retro Synths For Ableton has all your synth requirements covered. Each rack instrument contains scores of meticulous multi-samples of custom-programmed sounds which span four octaves.

But these instruments are much more than just multi-samples. Each Rack has extensive processing under the hood, alongside intelligent macro assignments and controls, to ensure you can tweak, shape and automate into new sonic realms beyond the capabilities of their hardware equivalents.

Spanning 20 comprehensive instruments, you get a selection of lo-fi leads, gritty chords, dirty bass, dark tones and rich pads – including two retro 80s-style drum machine kits – which make this an essential production toolkit for Ableton users seeking real hardware sounds to use and tweak in-the-box with maximum ease.

The download also includes an Ableton template for the demo project. Use the template to see the racks in action with a host of native processing at work and kick-start new track ideas in an instant. The Ableton project comes packed with FX processing, MIDI and automation data which showcases the potential of these Ableton rack instruments.

From house and techno to lo-fi electronica, chillwave or retro synthwave, these quirky and unique Ableton rack instruments will inspire every time.

These retro synth rack instruments are instantly playable and programmable in Ableton Live 9 and Suite 9.

All sounds in the Rack instruments are sampled from:

•Roland Dual Voice Combo Piano

•Casio Tone MT-65

•Korg Volca Keys

•Roland JX-3P

•Roland SH101

In total Retro Synths For Ableton contains:

> 20 x Ableton Rack instruments

> 1 x Ableton project file (.alp)

> 542 x raw Wav samples

> 19 x MIDI files

> Drum sampler formats for Kong and Battery 4

> 20 x Kontakt sampler patches


Demo Preview:

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