Vengeance Sound Avenger Expansion pack: 16 Bit Era

By | August 18, 2019

Vengeance Sound Avenger Expansion pack: 16 Bit Era

Vengeance Sound Avenger 16 Bit Era Expansion
Size 342 Mb

The jouney into the past continues, this time you will face the glorious 16 Bit sounds of the early 90s to early 00s! True masterpieces of games & sound were born in this time, the technological progress made characteristic FM synthesis and low resolution sampling possible. Again, original hardware and software(!) synthesizer of this era were used to make this XP sound like the real deal. The designer Manuel Schleis was part of the computer music scene from the early beginnings and used his knowledge, well kept tools and archives to create this beautiful gem for you!

16 Bit Era expansion adds to your library:

101 Avenger presets
34 new drumkits
34 new drum seqs
144 new multisamples
75 new osc-shapes
27 new wavetables


Demo Preview:

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