Vengeance Sound Avenger Expansion pack: Granular XP1

By | August 14, 2019

Vengeance Sound Avenger Expansion pack Granular XP1 (UNLOCKED)

Vengeance Sound Avenger  Granular XP1 Expansion
Size 424.1 Mb

Avenger Expansion pack: Granular XP1

Avenger got its new Granular Synthesis update, and this expansion showcases what you can do with this awesome new feature! Totally twisted Sounds, freezed Vocals, seamless moving back and forth in melody loops, stunning recreations of real instruments, endless modulated cloudy pads & athmospheres or just totally insane FX, risers and Booms – you got it all here in this expansion! Beside 136 complex new presets you also will get your Granular source library upgraded with 512 (!) new samples, perfectly crafted for being used creatively with the new Granular OSC module.

This expansion adds to your library:

•142 Avenger presets
•15 new drumkits / Sequences
•4 new Granular Samples
•40 new multisamples
•22 new osc-shapes
•7 new wavetables


Demo Preview:

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