Vinyl Era – Lo-Fi Hip Hop Crates WAV MIDI

By | March 2, 2022

Vinyl Era - Lo-Fi Hip Hop Crates WAV MIDI

Vinyl Era – Lo-Fi Hip Hop Crates WAV MIDI

We  proudly presents Vinyl Era, an extensive collection of crackly samples that sound almost as if they have been ripped from an obscure selection of old dusty vinyl records found at a yard sale, and polished to provide a modern day sonic aesthetic, whilst maintaining all the delightful characteristics vinyl provides.

The foundation of any vinyl orientated library is of course the selection of ‘stacks’ samples. These are music layers consisting of multiple layers, such as an emotive rhodes chord progression with a smooth bassline and delicate guitar lick, the stacks provide a warm, thick texture, that will spark your creativity with ease, whilst immediately enriching the detail in your production by subtly adding all the typical vinyl artefacts. Of course as with all of our packs, the chord progressions, melodies, and basslines, are all split up separately with accompanying MIDI, for those who want to dive further into the stacks samples and add their own personal tweaks.

Vinyl Era is packed with a wealthy selection of 120 dusty individual drum hits, boasting a wide range of timbres whilst maintaining the aesthetic of the vinyl era throughout. Additionally, for those who are after some quick inspiration when putting together their track, there is a wide selection of 30 nifty drum loops with a variety of creative rhythms between 90 and 100 bpm provided, along with stem bounces that allow easy interchangeability between the grooves on offer.

Of course if you are after some versatile tools to take your production to the next level, this library comes armed with 20 authentic SFX, ranging from vinyl crackles, through to texture atmospheres, that will provide your track with subtle detail that may not be heard by the listener, but will no doubt enhance the overall sonic aesthetic of your music.

This large library from us provides a wealth of meticulously crafted samples, each one considered and processed with the sole intention of effortlessly transporting your productions into the Vinyl Era.

Whats in the pack?

  • 120 Punchy drum hits
  • 30 Dusty drum loops (with stem bounce)
  • 20 Bonus percussion loops
  • 11 Warm bass loops (+MIDI)
  • 16 Emotive chord loops (+MIDI)
  • 23 Delicate melody loops (+MIDI)
  • 11 Thick musical stacks (with Aged + Chopped edits)
  • 40 Versatile musical one shots
  • 20 Authentic SFX


Demo Preview:

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