Violin Christmastime! Christmas carols easy & fun! TUTORIAL

By | May 21, 2022

Violin Christmastime! Christmas carols easy & fun! TUTORIAL

Violin Christmastime! Christmas carols easy & fun! TUTORIAL

Learn your favorite Christmas carols on time for the holidays. Amaze your friends, bring on the holiday spirit!

Have you ever wanted to be able to play some of the best Christmas carols, but have been struggling where to begin? Or after trying to learn them for a while, you gave up, because it was too difficult to read the music, or to find a consistent fingering, or simply to establish a good practice routine?

Well, you are lucky! There is no need to search any more! The Violin Christmastime online course is offering a quick and easy way to learn some of the most popular Christmas carols. The video lessons include explanation on how to organize the tunes, so you memorize them easier. Simultaneous sheet music and close-up shots of the fingers show you exactly what to do. Play-along practice sessions, starting slower and moving up to a faster tempo give a steady learning pace, and finally, simple directions on how to make the song more musical, will make you sound like a true professional!

Improve your violin technique while having fun learning these beautiful tunes!

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for you if you do not wish to commit to regular violin lessons, but want to learn as your time allows
  • These video lessons are designed so they can be used by every one who likes Christmas carols and has some experience playing the violin. We start very slowly and introduce the songs gradually, practicing section by section, so it is easier to learn

What you’ll learn

  • Play some of the most popular Christmas carols for violin
  • Get useful practice strategies, which you can use to learn other new songs
  • Get tips on how to make different characters with the violin, so you sound like a professional

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