W. A. Production What About Melodic Dubstep Vocals WAV

By | August 5, 2022

W. A. Production What About Melodic Dubstep Vocals WAV

W. A. Production What About Melodic Dubstep Vocals WAV

Impactful vocals are essential in creating timeless Melodic Dubstep songs. With What about: Melodic Dubstep Vocals from W.A. Production, you’ll get the perfect sounds to finish off your track. Included in this pack is a selection of scintillating vocal phrases to help form the basis of your topline. Compliment these with our creative vocal chop loops — designed to sound great right out the box, but easy to tweak, pitch, and process however you like.

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What about making your sound better?! W. A. Production is sound-design label that has been founded by Redhead Roman in 2014 in a small country based in the central Europe called Czech Republic (also known as Czechia). This label was built from nothing – no investments, no funding, no big team of experienced people, nothing. Yet here we are – playing the lead role in the sample pack industry in just a few years. All of this has been only possible thanks to the enormous support from thousands of producers all around the world. Everything we have achieved, we want to give back to producers. That is why we are releasing hundreds of free sample packs, FL Studio templates and even plugins. That is why we are creating tutorials, audio courses and releasing useful blog posts on a weekly basis. All of this belongs to our Fans and Community. You deserve it! Welcome to W. A. Production – the world’s greatest source of free Content and quality Sounds and Plugins for Electronic Music Producers.

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