West African Female Vocals WAV

By | February 20, 2023

West African Female Vocals WAV

West African Female Vocals WAV

Producer Pape Armand Boye shares: Scriptures recount that at the very beginning, there was the Word. Every society and every time has had its “word”. Many in Africa believe it was indeed with this word—this creative energy—that the Divine manifested the cosmic vibrations that were at the origin of Creation. This creation continues to vibrate, to sing, and to recount through mankind, without end. Everything that lives in our universe carries these vibrations, man is not exempt.

In Africa—in Senegal, women and men have always carried messages through song to explain time, space, and the mystery that is the inexplicable existence of humanity in the universe. The religions vary, the cultures vary, the histories and the voices that carry them vary, but the cosmic reality—the essence of the word manifested—this remains constant.

In Africa, the griots are the troubadours. They are the carriers of the messages that function as the engines of our societies. In this pack, we called upon artists from different regions with completely autonomous cultures to provide a window into the female Senegalese voice. Some come from long griotic traditions, others not. We were fortunate to work with Gina Sane, Daniella Ahanda, Fatoumata Diarra, Fatoumata Konte, and Fatou Diop. These women represent a part of our society and our living memory.

This pack provides a rare glimpse of the jewel of the female voice in West Africa. The vocals shimmer, mesmerize, and convey a powerful haunting beauty in the sounds they transmit. The addition of these women’s vocals to any project cannot but elevate and deepen the producer’s work and process.

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