Zero-G Simulacrum [WAV KONTAKT]

By | March 1, 2023

Zero-G Simulacrum MULTIFORMAT

Zero-G Simulacrum [WAV KONTAKT]

A collection of musical sounds and special effects inspired by the imagery of contemporary science fiction and horror
SIMULACRUM is an amazing collection of musical sounds and special effects by composer and sound designer Steven Tunnicliffe. Inspired by the imagery of contemporary science fiction and horror, Simulacrum comprises a diverse assortment of sounds, from long, evolving textures and drones, to aggressive stingers and risers. The hyperreal nature of this material is manifest through allusions to ‘real’ acoustic sources and spaces as well as those entirely fictional. Consequently, the content may be useful in a variety of musical contexts such as dark cinematic film score or techno and electronic dance music. Sound designers may also discover a wealth of inspiration for their next film, television, video game, or web project.

SIMULACRUM has an elegant and easy to use Kontakt interface that will help you create entirely new sounds from the existing samples. Not only are there 6 individual filters, ADSR and LFO there is also easy access to a whole array of effects, including delay, reverb and modulation that will help you sculpt and shape your sounds to perfection.


  •  OVER 3.2Gb of 24bit 48 KHZ SAMPLES in both WAV and AIFF format

IMPORTANT: The included Kontakt Files require a full version of Kontakt 6.7.1 or later!

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