Emergence Audio Cello Textures KONTAKT

By | June 9, 2022

Emergence Audio Cello Textures KONTAKT

Emergence Audio Cello Textures KONTAKT

Emergence Audio is proud to announce Cello Textures, the second installment in our non-static string series. Expand your sonic possibilities with our Infinite Motion Engine and Non-Static Sampling which integrates emotion and synth programming all in one easy to use interface.

We brought in world-renowned cellist Mariko Muranaka to bring this concept to life, and the results are beautiful!

Our intuitive Infinite Motion Engine and Non-Static Sampling process allows you to blend and sculpt expressive sonic landscapes in new and unique ways that never feel static. Create pads, textures, soundscapes, drones and pulses for a wide range of genres including film, television and game scoring, contemporary era music, neo-classical music, ambient music, drone music, sound design, trailer music, new age/meditation music, and much more.

We had our cellist perform each sampled note with a subtle unpredictability within the same sound source.

  •  DELAY
  •  LOFI

Go deeper with our FX section’s top-shelf convolution reverbs and attenuverter options that bring next level control.

Dimension patches consist of all of our source material in a more minimalist form.



  • Cello_A Box Full of Dreams_Infinite Pad.nki
  • Cello_A Peaceful Moment_Infinite Pad.nki
  • Cello_A Reprieve_Infinite Pad.nki
  • Cello_A Welcome Home_Infinite Pad.nki
  • Cello_At The Hull_Infinite Pad.nki
  • Cello_Changing Terrain_Infinite Pad.nki
  • Cello_Chapter One_Infinite Pad.nki
  • Cello_Constant Chaos_Infinite Pad.nki
  • Cello_Corner of Forever_Infinite Pad.nki
  • Cello_Crisp Clouds_Infinite Pad.nki
  • Cello_Darkest Depths_Infinite Pad.nki
  • Cello_Deviance_Infinite Pad.nki
  • Cello_Distressed Surfaces_Infinite Pad.nki
  • Cello_Drifting Light_Infinite Pad.nki
  • Cello_Eluminating Sky_Infinite Pad.nki
  • Cello_Epoch_Infinite Pad.nki
  • Cello_Familiar Places II_Infinite Pad.nki
  • Cello_Familiar Places_Infinite Pad.nki
  • Cello_From Nowhere_Infinite Pad.nki
  • Cello_Galloping Giants_Infinite Pad.nki
  • Cello_Growing Concern_Infinite Pad.nki
  • Cello_In The Past_Infinite Pad.nki
  • Cello_Into the Obyss_Infinite Pad.nki
  • Cello_Ocean of Algorithms II_Infinite Pad.nki
  • Cello_Ocean of Algorithms_Infinite Pad.nki
  • Cello_Opposite Ends_Infinite Pad.nki
  • Cello_Picking Up Backwards_Infinite Pad.nki
  • Cello_Reminiscent_Infinite Pad.nki
  • Cello_Result of Delay_Infinite Pad.nki
  • Cello_Rifting Tide_Infinite Pad.nki
  • Cello_Rolling Clouds_Infinite Pad.nki
  • Cello_Seeing It Through_Infinite Pad.nki
  • Cello_Serious Error_Infinite Pad.nki
  • Cello_Sharp Clouds_Infinite Pad.nki
  • Cello Slower Than Sound_Infinite Pad.nki
  • Cello_Somber Recollection_Infinite Pad.nki
  • Cello_Strange Environment_Infinite Pad.nki
  • Cello_Sub Sonic Particle_Infinite Pad.nki
  • Cello_The Right Moment Infinite Pad.nki
  • Cello_Thinning Space_Infinite Pad.nki
  • Cello_Two Sides_Flautando_Infinite Pad.nki
  • Cello_Two Sides_Normale_Infinite Pad.nki
  • Cello_Two Sides_Sul Pont_Infinite Pad.nki
  • Cello_Two Sides_Sul Tasto_Infinite Pad.nki
  • Cello_Under A Mountain_Infinite Pad.nki
  • Cello_Upon A Time_Infinite Pad.nki
  • Cello_Volatile State Infinite Pad.nki
  • Cello_Weird Bubbles_Infinite Pad.nki
  • Cello_Which Direction_Infinite Pad.nki
  • Cello_Worlds We Never Knew_Infinite Pad.nki


  • Cello_As It Once Was_MW-Depth_Pulses.nki
  • Cello_Canyon Within a Canyon_Pulses.nki
  • Cello_Circling the Clocks_Pulses.nki
  • Cello_Clock of Nuance_Pulses.nki
  • Cello_Cutting Through_Pulses.nki
  • Cello_Feedback Reactor_Pulses.nki
  • Cello_Glitching Matrix_Pulses.nki
  • Cello_Over the Airwaves Pulses.nki
  • Cello_Radio It In_Pulses.nki
  • Cello_Reconnecting _Pulses.nki
  • Cello_Rite of Passage_Pulses.nki
  • Cello_Slowly Getting There_Pulses.nki
  • Cello_Strumming Star Dust_Pulses.nki
  • Cello_Undefined Moment_Pulses.nki
  • Cello_Which Path to Take_Pulses.nki


  • Cello_As We Look Up_Multi.nkm
  • Cello_Between Worlds_Multi.nkm
  • Cello_Broken Hearts_Multi.nkm
  • Cello_Cascading_Multi.nkm
  • Cello_Empty Well_Multi.nkm
  • Cello_Feedback On The Airways_Multi.nkm
  • Cello_From Inside_Multi.nkm
  • Cello_From The Stars_Multi.nkm
  • Cello_Holding Objects_Multi.nkm
  • Cello_In And Out_Multi.nkm
  • Cello_Indefinite Time_Multi.nkm
  • Cello_Lost In A Dream_Multi.nkm
  • Cello_Reaching The Summit_Multi.nkm
  • Cello_Sea Foam_Multi.nkm
  • Cello_Shadows We Cant See_Multi.nkm
  • Cello_Shivering Cold_Multi.nkm
  • Cello_Something To Remember_Multi.nkm
  • Cello_Subterranean Cavern_Multi.nkm
  • Cello_Switched Around_Multi.nkm
  • Cello_Volatile Moment_Multi.nkm
  • Cello_Waves Of Distress_Multi.nkm


  • Cello_Detached Reverse_Correlated.nki
  • Cello_Detached_Correlated.nki
  • Cello_Flautando Il_Correlated.nki
  • Cello_Flautando Muted_Correlated.nki
  • Cello_Flautando_Correlated.nki
  • Cello_Normale Muted_Correlated.nki
  • Cello_Normale_Correlated.nki
  • Cello_Punta DArco Reverse_Correlated.nki
  • Cello_Punta DArco_Correlated.nki
  • Cello_Ricochet Reverse_Correlated.nki
  • Cello_Ricochet_Correlated.nki
  • Cello_Sul Pont 1l_Correlated.nki
  • Cello_Sul Pont Muted_Correlated.nki
  • Cello_Sul Pont_Correlated.nki
  • Cello_Sul Tasto Muted_Correlated.nki
  • Cello_Sul Tasto_Correlated.nki
  • Cello_Tremolo_Correlated.nki


  • Cello_Detached Reverse_Dimensions.nki
  • Cello_Detached_Dimensions.nki
  • Cello_Flautando ll_Dimensions.nki
  • Cello_Flautando Muted_Dimensions.nki
  • Cello_Flautando_Dimensions.nki
  • Cello_Normale Muted_Dimensions.nki
  • Cello_Normale_Dimensions.nki
  • Cello_Punta Darco Reverse_Dimensions.nki
  • Cello_Punta DArco_Dimensions.nki
  • Cello_Ricochet Reverse_Dimensions.nki
  • Cello_Ricochet_Dimensions.nki
  • Cello_Sul Pont 1l_Dimensions.nki
  • Cello_Sul Pont Muted_Dimensions.nki
  • Cello_Sul Pont_Dimensions.nki
  • Cello_Sul Tasto Muted_Dimensions.nki
  • Cello_Sul Tasto_Dimensions.nki
  • Cello_Tremolo_Dimensions.nki


  •  3.33 GB of source material
  •  Infinite Motion Engine™
  •  Non-Static Sampling™
  •  17 traditional but uniquely performed articulations
  •  120 presets designed by founder Michael Vignola
  •  100+ parameters to customize your own sound
  •  5 curated preset categories
  •  Convolution reverb with 50+ top-shelf impulse responses
  •  10 effects and randomizer
  •  Evolving organic soundscapes and pads
  •  24bit 48kHz samples
  •  Midi learn/automation for all controls

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