Learn How To Play Jazz Drums & More TUTORIAL

By | June 9, 2022

Learn How To Play Jazz Drums & More TUTORIAL

Learn How To Play Jazz Drums & More TUTORIAL

Practice the most effective way through exercises and slowed down audio tracks. For Intermediate and Advanced drummers

Welcome to my online drum course!

Throughout these 7 Lessons I will introduce you to different topics which I think are essential to develop solid skills as a drummer.

I will start by showing you the basic 12 rudiments and how to practice them in a non-conventional way, together with your feet, so you can start exploring from the very beginning the so-called independence of the limbs.

I will also give you some exercises to train your ability of playing even and swing modes.

Every exercise will be played by me to show you how it must be done.

I will introduce the main swing pattern for hi hat and cymbal and will give you a lot of exercises to enrich your jazz vocabulary.

You will also get both the pdf transcriptions for them and the slowed down audio tracks (at different speed), so you can start practicing at very slow tempos, and then move on to faster ones once you’ve mastered the mechanics properly. This will allow you to build confidence and to practice in the most effective way, building a solid and precise playing.

I will be talking about latin jazz grooves as well and show you some very cool patterns that master jazz drummers from the past used to play.

I will introduce some cool hip hop grooves for you to build confidence with the even mode.

Last but not least I will give you some lists of recommended listenings for every topic I show you.

This Course is addressed to Intermediate and Advanced Drummers who want to better understand Jazz, working on some vocabulary and exploring different genres as well.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn the Swing and Even modes. Understand Basic Rudiments and practice them in an effective and fun way
  • Build confidence at playing drums through the slowed down audio tracks available, increasing the speed step by step to develop a more-precise playing
  • Gain independence between the limbs with Feet Pattern Exercises made to train your ability of playing different Rhythms at once. Learn how to Swing.
  • Get to know the Jazz Songs with transcriptions and exercises. Learn how to play Even mode through Hip Hop grooves
  • Learn how to improvise on the drum kit over a Jazz Song structure. Learn how to play Latin Jazz groove patterns to expand your vocabulary
  • Learn How to play Half Time feel with dedicated exercises

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