How To Make Lo-Fi Beats TUTORIAL

By | June 15, 2022

How To Make Lo-Fi Beats TUTORIAL

How To Make Lo-Fi Beats TUTORIAL

Learn everything you need to know to make LoFi hip hop beats in you DAW. From sound selection to songwriting to mixing and mastering, this course covers it all. Whether you’ve never made this type of music before, or your a pro looking to up your game, you’ll learn something new with this fun course!

This course is divided into easily digestible lessons that each cover a key aspect of making lo-fi beats. For example, one lesson covers how to program drums for lo-fi beats. You’ll be looking over my shoulder as I walk you through all of the steps I use to make lofi beats.

After each lesson, you will feel confident in applying the skills you learned to create your own amazing lo-fi tracks!

And the lessons are arranged to take you from start to finish of the music production process. By the end, you’ll have a finished, fully mixed and mastered lo-fi beat to share.

Here are the lessons:

  • Sound selection for lo-fi and performance tips beats
  • Drum programming
  • Adding percussion and ambient sound effects
  • Writing lo-fi chords and melodies
  • How to mix lofi beats
  • How to master lo-fi music

What you’ll learn:

  • How to program hip hop beats
  • How to write lo-fi music
  • How to mix lofi music
  • How to master lo-fi music
  • How to choose sounds for lofi beats

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