Learn Final Cut Pro X in 60 Minutes (2022) TUTORIAL

By | June 15, 2022

Learn Final Cut Pro X in 60 Minutes (2022) TUTORIAL

Learn Final Cut Pro X in 60 Minutes (2022) TUTORIAL

In this video course I will teach you how learn video edition in Final Cut Pro X within 60 minutes.

You will learn all the essentials in 7 different chapters. I will guide you from the very first beginning and show you everything from A to Z, so that you can have fast results.

This course is designed for beginners that have no previous knowledge in Final Cut Pro X:

  • These topics will be covered
  • Create libraries, events and projects
  • Use 3 point edit for raw cut
  • Edit clips in the magnetic timeline
  • Transform clips in the inspector
  • Color grading and color correction
  • Working with audio
  • Using Transitions and effects
  • Adding and editing titles
  • Pictures and Slideshows
  • NEW: Object Tracking

The course takes around 60 minutes to complete. I have decided to make the course as short as possible since we all have limited time. The basics of this course will be enough for most of the people.

A free 90 day trial version of Final Cut Pro X can be downloaded at the apple homepage.

All videos are filmed in 1080p. Make sure you have selected “Auto 1080p” to experience the best video quality.

If you have any questions regarding the content, feel free to contact me. I will answer all questions.

What you’ll learn:

  • Learn how to cut and edit videos
  • Use effects and transitions
  • Color grade your clips to give them a cinematic look
  • Edit sound for crisp audio
  • Add texts and titles

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