jayrwind DUEX SEXES Loop Kit WAV

By | December 7, 2022

jayrwind DUEX SEXES Loop Kit WAV

jayrwind DUEX SEXES Loop Kit WAV

90+ samples :: In styles of Wondagurl, Travis Scott, Cubeatz, Tame Impala, Yeat, & more !!!

All the samples are royalty free, unless any major placement with a top artist. Contact me for sample clearance issues:


90 sitcom 94BPM @jayrewind.wav
a bunch of monte sounds 97BPM @jayrewind.wav
ABk 117BPM @jayrewind.wav
aceebottle 104BPM @jayrewind.wav
AMBERHEARD 130BPM @jayrewind.wav
ANTHING I CAN DO 120BPM @jayrewind.wav
BAUUUDII 100BPM @jayrewind.wav
bedballads 80BPM @jayrewind.wav
BEST BARS EVER 83BPM @jayrewind ( LEE Gagnon – scne des guerries).wav
bijpl 85BPM @jayrewind.wav
BLACKAIRFORCEguy 156BPM @jayrewind.wav
BTS 80BPM @jayrewind .wav
buetieydarkness 130BPM @jayrewind.wav
CAK 160BPM @jayrewind.wav
CALMMM 150BPM @jayrewind.wav
CAM 96bpm @jayrewind + @UMRA.wav
CANEL 110BPM @jayrewind.wav
chrome 95bpm @jayrewind.wav
cjo 166BPM @jayrewind.wav
collycot 136BPM @jayrewind + @sammyhaig + @ninetyniiine.wav
COME HOME DARLING 81BPM @jayrewind.wav
crappy 93bpm @jayrewind .wav
cruprt 131BPM @jayrewind.wav
CRWON 80BPM @jayrewind.wav
cryingovernothin 85BPM @jayrewind.wav
deadalrdyy (interstellarbums) 150BPM @jayrewind.wav
DESTROY SOCIABLE 140BPM @jayrewind .wav
DODRIL 160BPM @jayrewind.wav
DRUMBREAK_JIVESTUDIO 4 100BPM @jayrewind.wav
DRUMBREAK_summertimejive 111BPM @jayrewind.wav
DRUMLOOP_VAILA 101BPM @jayrewind.wav
DRUNKGUITAR 130BPM @jayrewind.wav
EGG AND CHEESWE 114BPM @jayrewind.wav
fedi bank 150BPM @jayrewind.wav
FINGER URSELF PRUDE 117BPM @jayrewind.wav
FSMI 140BPM @jayrewind.wav
gldn 140BPM @jayrewind .wav
GO DJ V2 @jayrewind + @antho.wav
GRAC 110BPM @jayrewind.wav
GUIATAER 2 117BPM @jayrewind.wav
homescreennnn 140BPM @jayrewind.wav
IMAPAL(SAMPLE) 102BPM @jayrewind.wav
interstallrbums looped 126BPM @jayrewind.wav
into tou 97BPM @jayrewind.wav
JACKSON 1m 115BPM @jayrewind.wav
JESMIX loop.wav
Juaic 130BPM @jayrewind + @ty katana.wav
kissmemore atlversion 120BPM @jayrewind.wav
kittymitty 126BPM @jayrewind + @sammyhaig.wav
LOOPLOPSLPOSP 135BPM @jayrewind + @orginofsound.wav
luvgamee 81BPM @jayrewind (GOTTA GET HOME – MIXED BR_no_vocals_split_by_lalalai.wav
luvgamee 81BPM @jayrewind (GOTTA GET HOME – MIXED BREED).wav
MASHUP @jayrewind + @saint wes + @sammyhaig.wav
mealtimeboys 118BPM @jayrewind.wav
MONEY JACKLINGLOOSE 87BPM (6_8drumbreak1).wav
NEP NEP 95BPM @jayrewind.wav
onestar CONverse 120BPM @jayrewind.wav
PATERNS 160BPM @jayrewind.wav
PATTEN 140BPM @jayrewind.wav
percs r bad 140BPM @jayrewind.wav
pillo 120bpm @jayrewind.wav
PJ 100BPM @jayrewind + @saint s .wav
player5 140BPM @jayrewind.wav
POTC movieset 136BPM @jayrewind.wav
PPLOANS 132BPM @jayrewind +@sammy haig.wav
PUANI 100BPM @jayrewind.wav
pulltherug 140BPM @jayrewind.wav
RAGEHANNA 150BPM @jayrewind.wav
rain comes and goes 128BPM @jayrewind + @saint s .wav
repshoesmell 140BPM @jayrewind.wav
RUINEDMOOD 83BPM @jayrewind.wav
SAILOT 124BPM @jayrewind (Stelvio Cipriani – Profondo Sinfoni).wav
SEXMUSIC 100BPM @jayrewind.wav
shootu 95bpm @jayrewind .wav
sinpp 95bpm @jayrewind.wav
SKELLTONNN 160BPM @jayrewind.wav
stealin 140BPM @jayrewind .wav
SZA HUMMS 56BPM @jayrewind.wav
textgogreen 152BPM @jayrewind.wav
THANKSMAILMAN 97BPM @jayrewind.wav
ti 93bpm @jarewind .wav
TRUSTFALL 85BPM @jayrewind.wav
TWISTY 140BPM @jayrewind + @josbeats.wav
UHH DUHH 72BPM @jayrewind.wav
WBORN 124BPM @jayrewind + @sammyhaig.wav
WRk n 2 hrs 130BPM @jayrewind .wav
WTACH UR STEP 140BPM @jayrewind (Bobby Pierce – Wichita Lineman ).wav
WTACH UR STEP 2 140BPM @jayrewind (Bobby Pierce – Wichita Lineman ).wav

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