Toolroom Records Infinite v1.0 VST3 AAX [WIN]

By | December 7, 2022

Toolroom Records Infinite v1.0 VST3 AAX [WIN]

Toolroom Records Infinite v1.0 VST3 AAX [WIN]

Infinite is a unique multi-effect plugin from the powerhouse label Toolroom Records, that speeds up and improves your workflow with killer pre-designed transitional EFX and delays.

No longer is it necessary to load up and balance a multitude of plugins to create these EFX; Infinite does it all.

Flick between the simple, one-knob mode loaded with hand-crafted presets, or dive into the complex, technical side and craft your own EFX.

Designed by Mark Knight and James Reynolds, this one-of-a-kind plugin will help you create world-class moments in your music.

Simple Side

One Knob. Huge impact.

Save yourself hours of laboriously tweaking individual parameters over and over again, balancing reverbs, delays, saturation, white noise, filtering, width and other modulations.

Instead, simply dial up your favourite preset, turn the dial, and hear the immediate, dramatic impact on your transitions.

All of the presets are creative, practical, and actually usable. Why? Because Toolroom Records went through some of Toolroom’s most anthemic releases and recreated the best breakdowns and build-ups.

Complex Side

Want to dive in deeper? Flick the plugin over into complex mode, and get truly creative.

Toolroom Records know there are other plugins out there which speed up your workflow with transitions – but inherently they lock the producer out of the process, meaning you effectively sound like everybody else.

And this is why the plugin is called Infinite. Tweak the different parameters at a granular, detailed level, using the plugin’s powerful macro system. Attune the 8 world-class effects algorithms to craft your own unique sound.

You can then save your effect chain, so it can then be recalled and quickly used on the one-knob simple interface. Infinite looks deceivingly simple, but there’s a lot going on under the hood.



Create your own repeating patterns that loop on and on. The digital delay offers infinite rhythmic possibilities, allowing you to set your own speed.


Add colour to your tracks using the different saturation circuits, which are expertly modelled to allow you to add flavour and character to your most interesting moments.


Add movement and modulation to your track using the LFO.


The reverb unit is modelled on a ‘hall’ and will allow you to space out and diffuse your transitions. The reverb can be made as transparent or as colourful as you like.

White Noise

Increase the tension using the white noise knob to hype up the crowd and deliver a satisfying pay off.


Utilise a -24dB/Oct hi-pass and low-pass filter section to make space in anticipation of the drop.


Add drama to your build-ups using the formant filter.


Create dimensional EFX using the width parameter.


  • High-end, professional sound quality, developed by a world-class record label
  • Dive in and tweak your patches using Infinite’s powerful macro functionality
  • Either use Infinite’s native automation capabilities or individually automate each parameter within your DAW
  • Over 40 presets hand-designed by Mark Knight and industry-leading producers
  • Up to 14 separate assignable parameters
  • 9 bespoke modulation and production effects
  • Granular and in-depth control over each individual effect
  • Ultra-precise filtering and resonance controls
  • Assign different effect parameters to a single macro and tweak their relationships with ease

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