Klevgrand Esspresso v1.0.4 WIN

By | March 8, 2023

Klevgrand Esspresso

Klevgrand Esspresso v1.0.4 WIN

An advanced de-esser with an intuitive user interface.
Esspresso is a fast, beautiful & powerful de-esser for everyone doing audio recording. De-essers have previously been aimed towards highly professional audio producers that needs full control over the sibilance (high frequency noises) in their mix. These noises can bring trouble to your overall sound – for example if you want a ”crisp” tone to the voice and add the EQ, the S’s will eventually distort and make it hard to balance the mix. The uniqueness of Esspresso is that the detection frequency range isn’t coupled with the suppressors frequency range. That means you can listen to a specific frequency and compress another one, which is often what you’ll want from a professional de-esser. With a fast and accurate frequency response view, you will easily get full control over annoying S-sounds that otherwise can ruin the mix.


  • Visual reduction RMS
  • Visual detector RMS
  • Detector sensitivity gain
  • Solo switch for the detector signal
  • Suppressor has three filter modes (all, band & high)
  • Intuitive and unique user interface

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