Klevgrand R0verb v1.0.4 WIN

By | March 8, 2023

Klevgrand R0verb

Klevgrand R0verb v1.0.4 WIN

Design your own spaces, in this delay/reverb hybrid
This audio effect filter is a hybrid between a simple reverb and a very complex delay. R0Verb consists of up to 50 separate delay lines, and puts you in charge of every single delay with controls for volume, pre-delay, feedback & high shelf. It can be used for everything from simple delays to complex spaces, whatever your mix needs. It also has a nice Randomizer if you’re feeling lucky!


  • Up to 50 parallel delays
  • Every delay has parameters for volume, pre-delay, feedback, delay time & a high shelving filter
  • Randomizer – creates a space with user-defined bounds
  • Multi-select and edit several delay-lines in one gesture
  • Post 3-band EQ
  • Comes with a few factory presets for inspiration

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