Sonic Bloom Color Digital by Max for Cats v1 (Max for Live) [ALP]

By | February 23, 2023

Sonic Bloom Color Digital by Max for Cats v1 [Max for Live]

Sonic Bloom Color Digital by Max for Cats v1 (Max for Live) [ALP]

Recreate the Textures of Vintage Digital Media
Color Digital gives your sound the flavour of old digital media. Add digital artefacts of MP3 encoding, downsampling, bit reduction and digital data transfer.

Color Digital is a sound texture device to bring the feel of old digital media such as an old Winamp MP3 player or an 8-bit Casio sampler to your recordings. It does a great job adding the nostalgic digital character to drums, synths, keys etc., but also on full mixes of every musical style.

The Sound of Winamp or old digital samplers

To allow for maximum control, any of the sound colouring sections can be activated individually, while Dry/Wet blends the original signal with the coloured signal. For full effect, turn this dial to fully wet.

The sections:

Adjust the Sample Rate and Bit Depth. Smooth and Tone help you shape the character of the degradation process, while Jitter introduces noise into the process.

Simulate the sound of crappy MP3 decoders. The higher the Encoder settings, the more artefacts are created. Attack and Release help you to achieve slight variations of this process.

Data Buss
This section simulates errors of digital signal transmission. You can use the Dry/Wet control to mix this effect to the previous effects.

Data Loss randomly punches ‘holes’ (missing data) into your signal stream, while Tracking Error will repeat a snippet of sound. The memory size influences the tracking errors (‘chunk data sizes’). Hold will hold the memory buffer and result in a continuous repeating sound until the hold switch is disabled again.

This is the output section and pressing this button will turn your signal mono.

What you get:

  • 1 self-installing Live Pack containing the Max for Live audio effect and 9 presets with an integrated course in Live’s help section

System Requirements:

  • Live 10 or higher
  • Max for Live 8
  • OS X or Windows

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