Sounds in HD Break Session WAV

By | May 16, 2022

Sounds in HD Break Session WAV

Sounds in HD Break Session WAV

The Break Session Vinyl Drum Loop pack is organized into Folders containing 91 total drum loops, 21 different construction loops, a One Shot folder with 20 Drum Samples and 3 Loose Vinyl Samples for looping in your own work.

In Total:

  • 91 Drum Loops total (21 Construction Loops for each style)
  • 20 Oneshot Drum Samples
  • 3 solo Vinyl Samples
  • Loop Markers on each loop for easy slicing
  • 114 Files Total 145MB
  • Wav Format 24 Bit Sample


Each loop is marked for easy slicing, especially for FL Studio and it’s slicing Plug-ins Slicex and Fruity Slicer. This is perfect for someone who enjoys a sample within the loop but wants to quickly access it instead of slicing up the original construction drum loops.


Every single drum loop is broken up in it’s own folder with BPM into every component that makes the loop. For example: each loop has a Bass Drum wav stem (which is also marked for easy slicing) Snare, Hats, Tom Rolls etc. This way you can take and chop up individual sounds, loop and stretch to your own drums or cut up any way you like. No limitations and the drum loop and drum sample combos are endless.

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