Sounds in HD Jam Session Vol.2 WAV

By | May 16, 2022

Sounds in HD Jam Session Vol.2 WAV

Sounds in HD Jam Session Vol.2 WAV

The follow up to Jam Session Vol.1, part 2 features 140 loops of organic, acoustic and original drum breaks and beat breaks. The samples were chopped from a live session for producers to add a live element to their records.

Best Uses:

  • Repetitive rhythm back beats (ala Pretty Lights)
  • Chopping and stretching for effects
  • Adding a live element to your productions transitions (ex: Tom rolls into chorus)
  • Filtering in background for transition or texture effects

Drum Breaks:

• About half of this pack features various drum breaks within the beat, kick drum, snare drum, hi hats and toms. All samples check in around and close to 85 bpm. Mix and match beats and get creative to layer in different sections of breaks with endings of your transitions. Check out a quick and easy example below.

Break Beats:

These are double time roughly around 85 bpm. These sounds provide a live Drum n Bass feel for producers seeking that sound. I suggest experimental producers break into a brea beat/DnB style mid hip hop beat for interesting results. Again, using the built in transitions provide creative results. A different example using the same tom break at the end.

One Shots:

• One shots are not the strength of this kit but there are 15 included for your layering and processing pleasure.


This kit features no processing on the loops. Just a decent drum set mic’ed up for raw, thick gritty sound. Experiment with D16(Devastor, Decimort) plugins for best results.

Sample Pack Specifications:

  • File Types: 24 Bit Stereo WAV
  • Total: 140 Samples
  • License: 100% Royalty Free
  • Size: 77 MB
  • Genres/Styles: Acoustic/Drum Breaks/Break Beat

Download link

Demo Preview:

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