Sounds in HD High Impact WAV

By | May 16, 2022

Sounds in HD High Impact WAV

Sounds in HD High Impact WAV

What is High Impact? Combine the finest drum samples for big name production from hit records to movie scores and top them off with a combination of the biggest world percussion we could get our hands on. What came out of it was only the fattest, hard hitting, big drum samples. From bass drums to assorted percussion; High Impact has the sound to define your production style. Stop Searching countless poorly crafted drum libraries and upgrade to Sounds in HD!


This is beyond Hip Hop and Pop. High Impact has the sound you need to put your production over the top of your competitors. Ascend your tracks from weak and artificial to huge and heavy realistic recordings. Sounds in HD puts all the time and effort into tuning the best samples so you can get right to what is most important, your music. Every sample, sound, timbre, equalization, compression, tone and everything else involved in sampling is considered and watched over to insure you that you have the highest quality drums.


These drum samples were crafted by the best stuff on earth for your use. Only the finest acoustics from the Pearl and Tama drum sets and sprinkled in various world percussion ranging from mid-eastern styles to Latin groove. Recorded with industry standard hardware like the DMk57 mics, Avalon 737sp and processed with the top of the line software featuring Protools 7, Waves Audio, and more! Everything included in these samples is nothing short of industry standard and so should your music.


75 Bass Drums – Every producer knows drums define the track and drums start with the bass drum. Let our work define your music with 75 unique bass drums for your tracks. This section was designed with diversity in mind; from hip hop and Pop to movie score ready samples. Mix and match to diversify your production!

75 Snare Drums – Ambient to studio process to percussion toned and treated; designed to give your tracks various rhythm. 75 snare drum samples to choose from.

85 Claps – This isn’t your typical clap collection. You will be hard pressed to find over 80 unique and all usable samples to spice up your tracks! Break away from your usual 808 pack and crack open your production with our amazing clap compilation.

73 Percussion – This is what SHD is known for; providing a plethora of various percussion samples to mix up your production. With High Impact, we get right back to it with 73 of the best percussion samples available!

18 Loops – From musical score to modern, its all in here. Drop in a drum loop for inspiration or incorporate our percussion loops into your records. Loops are provided in various tempos listed in the pack.

All samples are .wav format and 16 bit for scalability across all platforms from hardware to DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations ex: FL studio, Cubase, etc).

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