Sounds in HD High Impact 2 WAV

By | May 16, 2022

Sounds in HD High Impact 2 WAV

Sounds in HD High Impact 2 WAV

75 Bass Drums – Inspired by world percussion and epic drums. We improved on our design from High Impact 1 by re-working our process when layering and EQ’ing these huge drums! The results are kicks that fit in Hip Hop, RnB, Dubstep, anything!

75 Snare Drums – If you don’t like these snare drums, we really don’t know what we can do for you. This was probably our single best improvement in handling the snare samples and finding interesting tones and sounds to layer and spice them up with.

75 Claps – It is too hard to top the claps from High Impact 1 so we wanted to keep similar processes but get more creative with the dynamic of the samples and how they are delivered on the track. Plenty of different flavors here layered with world percussion.

75 Percussive Samples – As always we bring the variety in from our work for your use. Experience sounds of South America, Middle East, Africa and the Orient. Frame drums, shakers, bells, wood, straight up dirty percussion!

30 Loops – We wanted to bring more loops this time so we crafted different grooves inspired from different playing styles. Use these to help diversify your production or get your own ideas started up with High Impact 2.


We revisited some techniques and found a lot of EQ’s, processing, compression and just editing to make the drum hit harder and come off cleaner. The purpose of these drums is HUGE MUSIC PRODUCTION with a deeper purpose. Music production is getting more diverse and catering to a growing markets while pleasing current ones. This is exactly what High Impact 2 does. From “get her in the sheets” RnB type drum knock, to “hardcore” dubstep/urban drums, back around to the hard hitting boom bap; High Impact 2 fills many musical talents. Over 330 Drum Samples and Loops inside.


We got back in the studio with percussion from around the world and improved about the original design of High Impact. Nothing but the best went into these samples including recording in Protools 7 on Audix D series mics, Pearl and Tama Drum sets, Avalon 737sp, Waves Plug-in Suites. Mixed with world drum samples like the Cajon, African Bells, Duff, Riq and other Frame Drums.

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