Sounds In HD Jam Sessions Vol.1 WAV

By | May 16, 2022

Sounds In HD Jam Sessions Vol.1 WAV

Sounds In HD Jam Sessions Vol.1 WAV

Jam Sessions features 121 live and impromptu drum breaks perfect for Hip Hop, Urban and Pop inspired records. The live recordings come from a session between Drummer Dominic Palombi and Keyboardist and Saxophonist Vincent Troyani.

Drum Breaks are essential in Hip Hop, Pop and Urban records. These are primarily electronic, sampled and calculated music genres that lack a live element. If your beats lack a live sense in their transitions then this pack is perfect for you.


It is 121 original drum break samples with a folder of Mono and Stereo. There is also a Processed Drum folder with ideas for how to process, eq and mix the drum breaks into your own productions.

The session was recorded with AKG 414’s on the Overheads, Sennheiser 421 Mics on the Tom Drums, AKG 112 on the Kick Drum with varying and altered dynamics throughout the session.

The main focus of these drum breaks are the live and raw rhythm involved in the jamming process. Vincent and Dominic jammed out for hours with no break in their creative process. When you insert, sample and chop these breaks up you are literally inserting a live impromptu session into your work.


  • 121 Original Samples
  • 242 Total with Mono and Stereo
  • Over 50 Processed Drum Breaks for sparking creativity
  • All samples 24 bit .wav format for download only

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