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FabFilter Plugins Total Bundle 2023 [WIN & macOS]

By | March 22, 2023

FabFilter Plugins Total Bundle 2023 VST VST3 AU AAX The Total Bundle is a set of all FabFilter plug-ins. With this bundle, you get our professional EQ, reverb, compressor, multiband dynamics, limiter, de-esser and gate/expander, creative multiband distortion, delay, filter and synthesizer plug-ins. Saturn 2 is a new major version of the Saturn multiband saturation/distortion plug-in, featuring many… Read More »

Output Thermal v1.2.0 [WIN]

By | February 10, 2023

Output Thermal v1.2.0 [WIN] Interactive Distortion Plugin THERMAL makes it easy to experiment and dial in new distortion sounds. A user-friendly experience is key to controlling the deeply powerful, multi-stage engine. More Than Distortion Far beyond traditional multi-band distortion, THERMAL ignites creativity with limitless features like band split, which activates crossover filters for deeper frequency control. Yes, You… Read More »

Omnisphere 2.8.5c + CoreLibrary [WIN & macOS]

By | February 9, 2023

Omnisphere 2.8.5c + CoreLibrary VST3 AU AAX STANDALONE [WIN & macOS] Omnisphere 2.8 is the flagship synthesizer of Spectrasonics – an instrument of extraordinary power and versatility. Top Artists all over the world rely on Omnisphere as an essential source of sonic inspiration. This award-winning software brings many different types of synthesis together into one amazing-sounding instrument that… Read More »

Goodhertz All Plugins Bundle v3.8.0 VST2 VST3 AU AAX

By | November 27, 2022

Goodhertz All Plugins Bundle v3.8.0 VST2 VST3 AU AAX [WIN & macOS] Goodhertz is an audio software company, founded in early 2014. We are based in Southern California and have offices in Vermont and Seoul. We believe audio plugins should sound amazing, be easy to use, and expand what’s possible with audio. Goodhertz All Plugins v3.6.1 Contains: CanOpener… Read More »

Leapwing Audio All Plugins 2022.10 [WIN]

By | November 3, 2022

Leapwing Audio All Plugins 2022 [WIN] Since 2015, Leapwing have been making plugins that didn’t exist before, taking new approaches, and putting innovation in the hands of musicians. Al Schmitt v1.4 Capturing the signature sound of one of the most iconic music producer-engineers! CenterOne v2.14.6 Adjust your phantom center signal witout changing the panorama or spectral characteristics. DynOne… Read More »

iZotope VocalSynth v2.5.0 [WIN]

By | November 2, 2022

iZotope VocalSynth v2.5.0 [WIN] VocalSynth 2 is an immersive vocal experience that adapts and adapts and evolves with your unique style and opens up a world of vocal possibilities. Color and shape vocals with five blendable eccentric-must-haves and stompbox-style studio effects. A one-stop for past, present, and future vocal sounds, VocalSynth 2 features a Vocoder, Compuvox, Polyvox, Talkbox,… Read More »

Diamond Loopz Mood VST VST3 AU

By | October 24, 2022

Diamond Loopz Mood VST VST3 AU [WIN & macOS] ‘MOOD VST’ is a high-quality virtual instrument designed specifically for Hip Hop & R&B producers. This is our BEST plugin release ever! We updated our technology and personnel to bring you this special VST/AU plugin. The ‘MOOD VST’ plugin is dedicated to the latest and most cutting-edge sounds for… Read More »

Soundwrld Balenci (Serum Bank)

By | October 2, 2022

Soundwrld Balenci (Serum Bank) This Serum Kit contains (+50) Serum presets created in the styles of “Kankan, YEAT, Playboi Carti” & many more artist to deliver that next level sound to keep your beat production sounding high quality. This Serum Preset Bank Kit Includes: (+50) High Quality Serum Preset Patches Inspired By (Yeat, Playboi Carti, Trippie Redd) Created… Read More »

Sonible smart:comp 2 v1.0.0 VST VST3 AAX [WIN]

By | August 16, 2022

Sonible Smartcomp 2 v1.0.0 VST VST3 AAX [WIN] smart:comp 2 automatically delivers transparent, precise results; providing you with the creative tools that will transform your sound from nice to extraordinary. Spectral processing for tonal and dynamic balance Automatic parametrization with a single click Tools for creative dynamics shaping Features Up your compression game Audio compression powered by AI… Read More »

Venemy Vital Future Bass Massive Presets

By | July 7, 2022

Venemy Vital Future Bass Massive Presets Produced by Venemy, who has conquered many scenes with his extremely crisp productions and remix work (for AU5 amongst others), this pack is an extremely rare collection of brilliantly crafted and extremely professional future bass presets. Whether you need, warm and lush pads, controllable sidechained synths, airy and sexy chords, bright leads… Read More »

Xfer Records LFOTool 1.768 VST AU AAX

By | July 4, 2022

Xfer Records LFOTool 1.768 VST AU AAX [WIN & macOS] LFOTool is an FX utility plug-in for both Macintosh OS X® and Windows®. It empowers music producers to create tremolo, auto-pan, trance-gate, side-chain compressor simulation, and dubstep-type wobble effects with minimal effort. MIDI Compatible LFOTool will process incoming audio as well as generate a MIDI message stream for… Read More »

Klanghelm MJUC variable tube compressor v1.7.2 VST VST3 AU AAX

By | May 30, 2022

Klanghelm MJUC variable tube compressor v1.7.2 VST VST3 AU AAX [WIN & macOS] MJUC is the most effortful Klanghelm plugin to date. It took almost two years of extensive, dare I say “excessive”, research and development. To create MJUC I’ve researched and analyzed each and every variable-mu* implementation I could get my hands on to get the best… Read More »